New Stromatolite Pictures and Microfossils ~ 04-15-2014

Orsten-type Microfossils

If you click on the picture above you can see a panorama of a  Stromatolite which I believe is Collenia undosa. It’s eleven shots that have been stitched together and will give you a good idea what it like to look through the microscope. It is approximately 100X normal size and you will have to scroll through it after opening.

I added pictures of Stromatolites that are found in smaller sized rocks on my property. These are not Microfossil shots; they are just normal close-up shots. Please go to the following: Stromatolite Rocks ~ Small. Look at the designs and colors; there is so much variety.

There are of course new Microfossil shots located at: Stromatolite Microfossils.   Be sure to click on the thumbnails.

A page has been included that describes how the area I live in has inverted soil layers and you might find it interesting: Finding Fossils Without Digging

See Artifacts for some of the strange Items I have found.

Slowly but surely I am getting my website back-up after losing the entire thing. This has been a real time-consuming ordeal.

Thanks so much…Kathy

Orsten-type Microfossils

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