Stromatolites, BIF’s and Others ~ 03-10-2014

Orsten-type MicrofossilsSlowly but surely I am getting my website back-up after losing the entire thing.   If I didn’t have other things to do in life it might be an easy task.

I have added quite a few new pages and am trying to make them easy to understand and navigate.   What might make sense to me does not mean it will make sense to anyone else.

A page has been included that describes how the area I live in has inverted soil layers and you might find it interesting: Finding Fossils Without Digging

See Artifacts for some of the strange Items I have found.

And last but not least, I included some of the large rocks I have that show Stromatolites.    I included what I believe to be a Banded Iron Formation (BIF), a rock that is not supposed to be found in my area.   It’s magnetic and has algae remnants, so I don’t know what else it could be except maybe what I am going to call “regular” Chert.   I need to get it tested to see if it’s a BIF.   If it is “regular” Chert, it’s in a different formation than any other rocks I have found.   The attached picture is a thin slice from the rock I show; please note the black bands.

Thanks so much…Kathy

2 thoughts on “Stromatolites, BIF’s and Others ~ 03-10-2014”

    1. Thanks so much Bruce. I noticed that I made it into your latest book. I even bought two copies. Problem is I am in the wrong section! I know I have Stroms; am 100% positive. The problem is that absolutely no one in Oregon is interested. I have also found so many more Stroms since we last talked. After over four years of trying my hardest to get someone in Oregon interested, I at long last gave up. You will note that my website hasn’t even been touched for over a year. I have also found many fossil bone fragments, fossil wood, tools and so many interesting things that are ONLY interesting to me, and not the experts. This is such a tragic loss for Oregon. I wish you well, and am sending a big hug. The book is beautiful…Kathy

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