Stromatolites Have Been Verified for Southern Oregon ~ 05-08-2014

The Stromatolites that I have found on my property in southern Oregon have been verified by Dr. Bruce L. Stinchcomb of St. Lewis, MO.   Dr. Stinchcomb is a well-known Stromatolite expert and has written numerous books and has Stromatolite classes on YouTube.

Dr. Stinchcomb noted that the structure of some of my Stromatolites are very similar to stroms which occur in Missouri from the Precambrian period in the 1.5 bya (billion years ago) range.   Since Oregon’s geological record is only supposed to extend to the Cambrian period, or approximately 550 mya (million years ago) this will, and already has, caused all sorts of misperception and confusion for some geologists and members of the academia community.

I was forced to seek an expert outside Oregon due to the fact that the experts here refused to recognize that I had Stromatolites.   Their explanations as to what I had on my property (instead of fossils) got so bizarre it was comical.   I notified Oregon that I may have Precambrian rocks, but have not received any replies.

Pictures of the Stromatolite that is believed to be Precambrian has not yet been uploaded to this site.   I need about eight additional hours for each day to get everything done.

Thanks so much…Kathy

4 thoughts on “Stromatolites Have Been Verified for Southern Oregon ~ 05-08-2014”

  1. A Midwestern geologist understands only Precambrian stromatolites. A Western geologist sees stacked cyanobacterial mats on petrified wood all the time, aka, stromatolites. More likely calcite not silica filled, Miocene.

    1. Thank you so much Donald for your comment. Can you please direct me to one person on the west coast that will admit to Stromatolites in southern Oregon? Yes, I will admit that what I have might be Cambrian in nature, and some could be calcite vs. silica. My problem revolves around the fact that not one person in Oregon will concur that I have strom material. My finds have been identified out-of-state, yet not one academia-type person in Oregon will step foot on my property. It’s as if they are frightened that an “Engineer” and not a “Geologist” has found something. I do have a mention and picture in the latest book by Bob Leis and Bruce L. Stinchcomb. “Stromatolites Ancient, Beautiful, and Earth-Altering” I need to update this website! Haven’t touched it for well over one year.

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